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jiHRM is a Complete ERP Solution

Manage Tasks

Manage your tasks like a pro with jiHRM and try exciting functionalities where you can add tasks, publish posts, share files, arrange meetings, and get a quick glance at your recent activities. Our online ERP software solution runs smoothly both on Windows as well as Mac computers with no complexities. Get ready to start your projects quickly with our software and uplift your customer's experience. Plan, Manage Tasks, Collaborate, Manage teams, Track time and Reporting with jiHRM.

Project Planning

Users can quickly add/import task list in jiHRM and create their own project plan. We have a wide set of project plan templates which can get you started. jiHRM allows the manager to create an unlimited number of projects, check project progress and even track the time spent on a particular task in real-time. Users can even set due dates of the projects and meet the deadlines perfectly. Our tool helps the managers to inspect and evaluate the employee performance and keep a real-time track of their progress.

Collaborative Tools

Once your projects are underway, it's our responsibility to keep you connected and updated. Our seamless ERP solution offers a wide set of collaboration tools which help in connecting the project teams and carry out a healthy communication. Users can share multiple documents with the team members and increase efficiency and productivity. Additionally, users can even track the past history and get a quick glance at all the previous tasks and projects.

Why Us?

We deliver services and features that are easy to integrate and exclusively designed for all business segments, from startups to well-established businesses. jiHRM is an effective tool that streamlines all the tasks and projects at a single platform. This tool helps in managing all the tasks within your organization and offers an effective way for the managers and employees to work efficiently. We provide the flexible project management web application, multiple projects support, flexible role-based access control and flexible issue tracking system.

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jiHRM is a simple and innovative all-in-one Online ERP Software Solution

jiHRM is a world-class software catering to global clients across the world. We combine powerful project planning and scheduling features with our influential collaboration teams. Our tool helps users to plan small as well as large complex projects and manage them in an interactive way. Our software is easy to onboard and offers a user-friendly card for easy flow of information amongst the team. jiHRM takes project management and planning to the next level and assists businesses to reach their organizational goals in real-time.

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