Key Features

  • Employee Information System
  • Performance appraisal
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Holiday / Calendar Management
  • Payroll Management

Technical Features

  • Secure User Account Management
  • LDAP Connectivity
  • Php 7 , Yii Framework
  • MySQL 5.7


Improving HR Productivity

Our HRM system is highly detailed and is designed to enhance and speed up the efforts of the HR employees.

Reducing Errors

This HRM system provides guidance to avoid errors which could result in considerable legal issues and financial loss.

Performing Analysis

This tool gives HR employees the ability to perform analysis of several pertinent calculations with speed.

Electronic Employee Database

Electronic information improves the efficiency of storing and finding information that substantially benefits the organization with a large workforce.

Improving Communication

 Storing information inside a filing cabinet improves the communication between the employees massively.

Better Recruitment System

It saves a tremendous amount of time and can help to ensure that the best employee candidates are hired.


Employee Information System

Manages all the details of your employees like address, educational details, bank details, attendance record, etc. from a single centralized location.

Time and Attendance Management

An intuitive tool to track in-time/out-time, attendance, total working hours in an easy and efficient manner.

Holiday/Calendar Management

Offers a seamless way to create a holiday calendar to eliminate confusion and potential conflicts.


Runs daily HRs tasks efficiently from parsing resumes to scheduling interviews without the fear of losing resumes.

Payroll Management

 Automates the salary management process by gathering data on employee attendance and calculating various deductions.


Generates performance reports, leave reports, payroll reports, timesheet reports, task monitoring reports to streamline the tasks of HRs.

Performance Appraisals

Helps to analyze the capabilities and performance of the employees to run appraisals in a systematic and efficient way.

Schedule Employee Training

Schedules and keeps track of all training sessions for the employees of every department.

Expense Management

A quick way to manage organizations' expenses like the purchase of new stocks etc.


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