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Training Management

Training Management

Optimizing training systems is crucial for organizational development and success. Training help employee enhances their skills, capabilities, and knowledge and help them do their job better. So to handle the training process seamlessly, companies must have a good training management system. It is seen that companies that use training management systems effectively tend to grow quickly.

jiHRM Training Management system allows you to create, personalize, and download detailed training reports mentioning the progress of the learners, the time taken for the completion of the task, and more. It lets you track the training process, and gives you the flexibility to add the functionality to support your training and learning programs.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce training cost

  • Comply with and Meet essential regulatory requirements

  • Improve the administration of your learning program

  • Enhance manager's and employee's ability to performance

  • Improve personnel performance 

With the growth of any organization, you might have to change the processes and add new features as per the need of the hour. jiHRM understands that and provides full support to your organization by giving you flexibility and full access to add new features to your training systems without any hassle.

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