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Leave Management

Leave Management

Managing, recording, and tracking employees’ time-off requests and leaves is crucial for the smooth functioning of any organization. The main goal is to handle employees’ leave requests properly while ensuring that their absence does not impact the business.

But, handling leaves with Excel sheets is not an effective way of the managing leave process, as it leads to many human errors and can cause loss to the business.

JiHRM is a perfect solution that helps HR and team managers manage leaves effectively. It lets you synchronize employee leaves, shift timings, and holidays with its automated system and lets you focus on other important functioning.

Key Benefits:

  • Auto update leave balance

  • Customize approval workflow

  • Seamless integration

  • Interactive Reporting

  • Configurable fields – leave type, policy, holiday list

Leave management is an integral part of core HR responsibilities, and jiHRM helps HR manage the frequency of leaves taken by employees, leave types, payroll processing, communication among employees and management, and more from a single dashboard.

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