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Attendance Management

Attendance Management

With the growth of an organization, it gets hard to keep track of the attendance of all employees. Tracking and keeping a record of employees’ working timings accurately is crucial for every business and it can not be done manually or using spreadsheets. 

JiHRM saves you a lot of time, maintains transparency, and automatically keeps you informed about the working timings of your employees accurately. Tracking employee time lets you know about the punctuality of your employees by letting them know their show-up and late timings. 

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time tracking

  • Reliable data and easy integration

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Cost-effective and easy access to reports

  • Personalized and flexible

jiHRM values your time and helps you overcome the challenges of time theft, absenteeism, and inaccurate clock outs and saves you from unnecessary efforts. It simplifies the management processes by generating all the reports automatically that are easily accessible and allows you to focus on your organization’s vision and growth.

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