What is jiHRM?

jiHRM is a Human Resources Management Software Solution that empowers HR leaders by providing a perfect HR solution that lets the organization work process seamlessly by streamlining everyday tasks.

Does jiHRM offers time tracking of employees?

Yes, jiHRM is a complete HR solution that offers a time-tracking solution that automatically syncs with the payroll. HR leaders can track employees' hours for payroll.

Can jiHRM sync with my calendar?

Yes, jiHRM allows you to sync your team’s time off, birthdays, anniversaries, and more to your calendar. It helps you stay updated at all times.

How secure is my data on jiHRM?

Security is our main priority, and jiHRM keeps your data and information security. Also, we use encryption, and other technologies to ensure the safety of your critical information.

What are your customer support hours?

We value the need of our customers and provide 24*7 customer service. Our team ensures that your issues are fixed as fast as possible. For more details, contact us.

How much does jiHRM costs?

The pricing varies from organization to organization. It is based on a few factors like the number of employees, features you select, and more.

Does jiHRM help me go paperless?

Yes, jiHRM helps you go paperless. All the processes are done online with replaced all the manual work with its automation features, digital forms, cloud storage, e-signatures, and more.

What business size do you need to have to use jiHRM in your organization?

jiHRM can be used for small, large, or medium-sized businesses.

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